Boys’ sekret club

You have probably heard about the Bilderberg Group, Freemasons, Bonesmen, and other Odd fellows. Typically these are groups of mostly old people drinking whiskey in their tuxedos and talking food things about themselves and blaming the outsiders for all the problems. These organizations have existed for years but their importance and influence is getting smaller every year.

It’s times like these that make it possible for something new to emerge. The latyest arrival is an organization that calls themselves “The Molle Group” after a tiny village located in Southern Sweden. The members do not want to comment it, but some sources have leaked information that the group will meet in November in Sweden.

The group consists of young, under 40-year old professionals from sectors of medical, IT, energy, civil engineering etc. to share their knowledge to be used for their common goals – that are not announced to public.

Are such groups needed? Are they threat or possibility? Why should we care? Is it always so, that we are attracted about what happens behind closed doors? Maybe they just eat, drink, whatch porn, tell bad jokes and execute secret rituals? Why is media not allowed there? What do they have to hide?

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