Monthly Archives: January 2013

What is stupid?

I have been complaining a lot about stupid people. What does it actually mean? What make person stupid? Is that when they don’t act as I would had liked or as I predicted? Is it just for not having enough knowledge? Or maybe stupidity is to have the knowledge but not being able to benefit from it.

Generally people are quite smart. Brain has amazing ability to connect the dots. You can understand the meaning of something by just small hints and intuition. It makes me so frustrated to see that most people do not use this ability. Mostly people do not trust neither their senses or reason. They just want to believe something that other people tell them rather than building their own opinion. That is so sad. I can understand it with things like science, because you can actually test the theories yourself and agree with them.

Religion is different matter. Faith. It is something that everybody needs. We have a big reserve of mental and physical power, but we can not get benefit of it if we don’t believe in ourselves. When you keep believing, things eventually will sort out well. God as a concept developed so that people can believe in something – when they do not believe to themselves anymore. Religion was a thing that developed around the god – it was impossible to believe that he is helping for free. A sacrifice must be given.

When some people discovered the power of religion, they started to use it to control people. With use of religion there is no need to explain why something is not allowed. It is just god’s will. In beginning there was good intentions behind this. The ten commandments can be put short in “Don’t be a dumbass”. Later on the power of religion was harnessed to control people in not so good intentions. You could put people killing each other and giving all the money to you by claiming that it is god’s will.

Silent day

Today I will not write anything. I hate the feeling that I have, that I should somehow relieve the pressure by putting my thoughts down in writing. Such writing will be nonsense. Why should I write if I don’t have the flow carrying words in my head waiting to be written.

Maybe tomorrow I will get the inspiration to write and to live – before I will pack my stuff and leave.

Strange dreams

Silent evening. I’m just standing here listening the ticking of my alarm clock. Some birds are keeping noise outside. I’m relaxed.. at least more than normally. I think I’m always little bit agitated somehow. Too many thoughts travelling through my head. It’s difficult to control them. Every night I wake up sweating like a pig. Only partly remembering the strange dreams. Sometimes I’m writing them down. It’s not many – elseway I could publish them as a book. It would make a good script for a horror movie.

I have lots of stories about misfortunate affairs with girls. That would also make an interesting movie script. Maybe I should write down those stories.

Just a perfect day

Hahaha. Just a perfect day. I got so lucky today! I was visiting the shadier part of the town in search of sedative drugs that I will need on my trip. I got a deal on a good dose of Valium but the dealer was so happy on the deal that he wanted to give me some ecstasy pills as “antidote”. I was walking back to my car and planning to dump the pills in the nearest trash can when I saw the car of the dickhead grandpa (that I mentioned the other day) parked at the side of the road. Additionally he had left his windows little bit open, so it was very easy to slip in the pouch of ecstasy pills and then go to nearest phone booth to call the cops. I did not stay to see the results but I hope he enjoyed as much as I did.

It’s also a very cool song – Just a perfect day. Kind of music I need at this state of mind. That also must have some kind of sick irony in it. It sounds like his day was everything but perfect. Or maybe he just loves imperfection. Not many things in life are perfect – and that’s the way it should be. Only perfect thing is myself. Everyone else are stupid.

It must be irony

I heard that REM song again today. This time I was really trying to pay attention to the lyrics: “Shiny happy people laughing, shiny happy people holding hands” It’s the same shit through the whole song. Crazy. It must be irony. There is no other option. It’s a mad world.

..that by the way is an excellent song. Not the Tears for Fears -version, but the one from Donnie Darko movie, Performed by Gary Jules. I just love the melancholy in that song. The world just is so sick and that version just nails it. Also the video is cool. The one where kids are forming all kind of images on the sidewalk. It’s very very mad world.

Little bit similar feeling I get from other cover song: Johnny Cash’s Hurt. It’s much better than the original. Especially with the video it’s the testament of a dying man who has done lots of things during his life, but still some things went right. It’s mad world indeed.