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Duquesne Whistle

This must be the best song performed by Bob Dylan. Hei has always been one of those artist who should only make songs for others and not try to perform himself. Sounds like he has consumed enough whiskey to make this work. Nice!

How can this world be driven by insults?

I was just reading the news when I noticed an article about Chevrolet SS. It has been used in these cars since 1961 and it stands for “Super Sport” rather than “Schutzstaffel”. Still Israeli organizations now want to ban this car.

When wise people say that we should never forget the history to be able to avoid repeating it, I don’t think they mean this. It’s different to ban words that are used as a tool to intentionally insult someone – but we cannot just simply start banning every single word because someone might find it insulti

Food stuff

VLCD food product

I’m thinking about ways to keep the volume and weight of my food into absolute minimum, but still get all the nutrients that are vital,

I was checking the VLCD (very low calory diet) -products, since they are designed to give you all needed

minerals for day – and nothing more. Since I don’t want to lose weight (at least not infinitely) I should supplement this with some energy. Sugar probably is easiest.

Problem with this VLCD stuff is that you need to eat 5 of these shekes per day to get all the stuff. It will get really expensive to store this masive amount of this special product. I’m anyhow experimentin with this and then trying to see if I can somehow do this stuff myself.

VLCD on floor
Pro tip: Do not put VLCD-powder on floor. It’s very difficult to get it off.


Planning for future

As I told earlier – there is some things to plan before my “journey”.

  • Food supply
  • Electricity, water and rent (bills)
  • Internet
  • Computer

I’m currently working on all of them, but I need to solve one thing at time. I need to calculate the amount of food needed and the space and weight that it wil ltake. I anyhow want to experiment how this could be done in outer space.

My “space ship” will be an small area separated in my apartment. In principle the toilet and a small sace for sleeping. Ofcourse on long space mission real astronauts probably would have a little bit space for excercise etc. Maybe I need to by a treadmill or something.

I will use tap water and normal electricity but I want to measure the consumption and keep it into minimum.

That’s all for now.. I go planning..


As I have told. I don’t think I’m getting to space anywhere soon. It still does not stop me from doing my project. In essence the space trip is just about staying alone in small space for long time. The astronauts do not design their shuttles and capsules. They just jump in. I can do the same.

I can close myself in confined space for a year.. or ten years. I just need to make sure that my bills get paid and that I have enough food for me – and a computer to keep connected with outside world. I can see the distant galaxies inside my mind. It will be much more interesting. I can do trips to places where it would not be possible in physical form.

Now I just need to speed up things and start planning this!

I need money

I need really start going with the preparations for my journey. I need to sell my property. In the times of global finance crisis I can not make maximum money, but it does not matter as long as I can pay the needed expenses.