Monthly Archives: April 2013

Where I am?

Here I am. Being sitting in my closet for a month. Listening to Erik Satie’s and Gustav Holst’s beautiful music. Have I changed? Have I learned something. I don’t know.

I think my imagination is getting free. When I have not much external stimulus, my brain will make things up. I just close my eyes and I can see how I travel through the solar system. All the beautiful colors of the planets. Distant galaxies. Life.

Neptune, the Mystic

Woman is the last mystery. Not too different from man. Like a beast. So beautiful while sleeping but turning in to a deadly predator after you wake her up.

Clouds moving quietly on the sky. Wind pushing a boat forward. Boat has no crew. Ripped sails and just a silent body on deck. Looks like she is sleeping. Almost naked. She is the mystery.

She is my destiny.

Uranus, The Magician

So strong. You are the mystery. You are the dark side of female mind. Venus was the passionate and fragile glass pearl. You are the sea of teardrops. All the mysteries in one. I can feel the thunder. From my windows I can seethe lightning bolts flashing. Somewhere deep down there you are brewing your magic potion. Dancing around the cauldron keeping your hands high. Blood, sweat and tears. You melted the weapons and added them to your drink. You make a boiling ocean where fish are made of steel with a heart made of stone.

You look up and see me. You disappear. I’m all alone. My ship is caught in storm. I’m going down. Under water I can breathe. You are there waiting for me. Holding my hand you kiss me. I’m not alone.

Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age

Dark shadows. Slowly turning and showing her face. She looks so tired but still beautiful. Like they years had done nothing to her.

I still remember the time we first met. We were sitting down on the floor. Talking and talking. You had your legs open and I was putting my feet between them and finally touched the source with my toes.

You have always been like that. Distant and cold, but always having a hint of smile on your face.

You gently stop my ship in your arms, then you kiss it and let t go again. Like a small girl putting a paper boat going down the stream.

I still can see you in the distance. So great and powerful.

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

I’m getting near. This huge ball of gas. A gentle giant. Huge storms on her surface. I’m getting lower. Her stormwinds trying to rip my ship in to pieces, but she protects me. Her gentle breath keeps me together while I splash down. Floating in the ocean I can see a parade of beauty going past me.

All of a sudden I’m alone again.

I stand up and hold her hand. Looking forward to the future I raise my hand. We start kissing annd the long shadows of the setting sun play on our bodies.

I have been far, but now I’m back here. I hold your hand and will never let go.

Mars, the Bringer of War

The red planet. Mount Olympos stands erect. Thousands of troops gathering. Ready for battle. Like Leonidas agains Kserkses. Yelling their warcry. Sunlight reveals the red surface of the planet. Invisible stream of lava and water flowing across it. Hot steam rising up for the great armies to breathe.

A great battle. A young warrior riding his horse. Faster Faster!

He grabs a flag from the ground and rides all the way to the top of the mountain and sticks the flagpole to the ground. Earth shakes. Troops on both sides just flying around.

Suddenly it’s very silent.

Empty cold ground. Wind blowing the red dust around. Forming a small storm. Like army trying to raise up from a pool of blood. They walk forward reaviling their naked bodies. Weapons high in the air they walk forward. They speed up and start running.

Suddenly it’s very silent.

Earth, The Bringer of Man

I’m approaching earth. The most beautiful of them all. The blue spehere. The oceans sparkle in the sunlilght like they were covered with a layer of diamonds.

I can see the molten lava pouring out of volcanoes. Like the hot red steel in the foundry. I can see a blacksmith forging tools. I can see oxen on the field. Everything is so glorious. Flags of mankind flying and fanfares echoing. Endless rows of shiny brass declaring the glory of a man. All just lie. All will change. Man will become nothing.

Venus, the Bringer of Peace

I’m so tired.

After all the lies  need to rest. I will kiss the hips of Venus. I will gently put my hand on her vulva and pet it like a kitten. I relax. I lay back on the soft bed of clouds. Looking down like a god. I stick my fingers in to the wet cave and taste them.

I do not know if I’m sleeping or awake. Everything is just so peacefully beautiful.

Somewhere deep below.. there must be the heaven. Blue soft warm uterus. I kiss her on her belly, neck, breasts. She pretends that she is speeling. She smiles. I smile. I saved her but she gave me the reason to live.

Mercury, the Winged Messenger

Flying fast across the sky. So silent but yet screaming louder than thousand lions. Beaten by the winds of the wimpy sun. The majestic small sphere coming visible from the shadows. She is my companion. She is the place where I can rest. I will swim in her seas like a dolphin. I will breath the gas at her surface and spit it out in extacy.

I will run in her labyrinths. Getting lost. Seeing the icy blue, which do not exist. I stop. Listening to the beauty of quiecy. Am I dead or alive?

Solar Wind

I’m surfing on the solar wind. I can feel it’s warmth on my cheecks. It’s the gentle breath telling that he is alive. Strong like erect penis. Something that thinks it’s big and mighty, but there are other stars much bigger, badder, hotter. Our sun is just a wimpy. A small cock that stays up only with Viagra.