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Pluto, Lord of the Underworld

The end.

Cold black sky. No movement.

Sound of drum at the distance is getting quiet.

There she stands. Pale girl in dark hair. Serious expression on her face. She is waving goodbye and then turns her back at me. Silent sad figure. She is walking away to the darkness.

The end is beautiful but a little scary.

I collapse on my knees and cry. Tear drops turn into ice.

Songwriting contest!

Hello my dear lovers.

As you can see, I have been getting lots of song adaptations about the lyrics posted in this page. The latest one was based on THIS lyric. You can hear it here:

I want to challenge you to make your own version of any of my texts here. The best will receive 100 USD cash plus a special signed copy of my book.

Seek inspiration from examples in here and here.

Contest is open until further notice and there can be multple winners.

Send your contribution to

By posting your work you will give full rights to to use the work both in commercial and non-commercial use as such or modified.

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How do ideas sound like? [Forever alone]

I have been writing down my feelings and thoughts in poems and lyrics. Sometimes I even have a melody in my mind about how the song should go. Too bad I’m not at all musical person and I have absolutely no skills of playing anything. So I tried to hum the melody and asked someone to notate that and then I gave the notation to other people to play it.

Forever alone

It has come
The autumn is here
I’m alone
no one else is near
Fine with me
I need all that space
In my head to remember every face

Every year
The story is the same
I’m alone
But no one is to blame
Never met
Those people in mind
Yelling loud
But acting like a blind

From the work
I hurry to get quickly back home
There is no one waiting me
I stare at the distance to see my new best friends
But I know that they can not see me
But I know that they can not see me

I spend my life
Sitting in my cave
Lots of friends
But no one knows my name
We have fun
That no one understands
Just one day
We will rule this crazy land

I like them
But they do not know me
In my mind
They are my family
I should look
For channel to survive
I can’t swim
But i’m too proud to dive

My humming of the melody:

Intepretation from JP:


Intepretation from RB:

RB v2:

RB v3:

Intepretation from JT:

Intepretation from Phydra: