Monthly Archives: November 2013

“At the very beginning

One bought some sweets

from his daughter

Other tried to help his brothers wife

but shot his charge

to the ground

Third came home from his travel

and gave a warm gift

to his mother

It all happened long ago

So very very long ago

The king had fun

with a peasant boy

Minister got seen

playing with toy

Another was not shy

when sleeping with a spy

You can not blame Darwin

Evolution will not take away the prime instinct

Head of the state

filmed a movie

In some Sauna party

One was moisting

His Cuban Cigars

In office with no corners

Fun loving king

Had fun with his friend

knows no borders

Football club owner

had some young friends

partying in his mansion

And just like the yellow papers

Are interested in your actions

About coming and going

With who, when why

So are people doing mistakes

As animals following their instincts

No need to blame Darwin

Evolution will not save you from yourself

Will not save you from man!”