Monthly Archives: September 2013

“She smiles

She plays

She walks and talks

She lives behind a glass

In a world her very own

Others can not know

The plot of every show

She would love to tell you things

But you wouldn’t understand

Imagination gives her wings

Takes to her own land”

Communication might be a tricky game sometimes.

Leave gaps in your story for others to fill.

If they fail, they will never fully understand you.

Don’t be evil to these people, but if you are selling something, feel free to ask 20% more.

Always try to tell the truth.

Instead of lying tell the truth in a way that no-one will take seriously.


“Have you ever had sex with that girl? – Yes. I fucked her brain out and I’m every night jerking off and crying when I think how wonderful it was”

The basic skill of negotiation is to determine how much you want something. You must specify a number in your mind – a sum in money, time or another kind of sacrifice. Never reveal this to others but do not accept anything less.


If you get what you want for the defined price or less, be happy. Don’t worry for others getting the same for cheaper because you have already won.