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The journey

Imagine. I’m sitting in my capsule. All alone. I have taken off my helmet. Drops of water have condenced on the wall of my spacecraft. I touch a drop with my finger and taste it. I can taste the dream of human flight. Wright Brothers, Gagarin, Buzz Aldrin. Their tears and swet in this one drop. Finally I’m one of them.

Frozen dreams

I mentioned earlier about the space food. It would be ideal, but it’s way too expensive if I do not get s good deal. Of course the tags “astronaut food” or “trekking food” add instantl one digit more to the price.

I could not resist visiting my local gadget store and I bought some freeze-dried strawberries and icecream for human tests.

I could use strawberries as a benchmark when I try to do this process at home.

I’m eager to try different products. I already know that for example the picled cucumbers will not work because the sublimation process will also drain the vinegar.


Dress up.

Spacestore jumpsuit
Spacestore jumpsuit

While I was googling for the image for my spacefood post last week, I found a very interesting website, They sell this space food stuff, but also much more interesting things like space suits.

I really need to get one of those blue space misson jumpsuits! Shit that would be so cool!

Space food

Astronaut Ice Crean
Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Don’t you dare to think that I did  not consider this.. “Space food”. There are products available, that are marketed to be the genuine astronaut food. Freeze dried Ice Cream, berries etc. This stuff is widely available in Internet and in all kind of gadget stores and it’s not even particularly expensive. Just about 4 bucks a packet. (and there probably would be a volume discount when you order full year’s supply)

I bought some of that stuff and it was amazing how ice-creamey it actually was. Even that it was completely dry and therefore felt funny in mouth.

Freeze drying is actually quite old process, but they started to actively develop it during WW2 to be able to ship blood serum to the troops when refrigeration was not always available. In principle it means freezing something in a way that does not crystallize the water and therefore destroy the structure of the subject.

And indeed freeze-drying is one of the many methods of making lightweight, long shelf-life food for space missions.

I could buy some for my mission, but I also have fouond some instructions from Internet about how to freeze-dry food at home without expensive special equipement. I really need to test this and for sure will publish the results here.



I have not yet fully decided what to do with electricity. Maybe 230 v -system is too easy. Maybe I should only allow myself to use 12 volt system with limited current. That might make things more interesting.

I will go

I got an great idea. Virgin Galactic is arranging apsace trips. I ju7st must convice them that I’m a real deal. Inviting me to their space trip will be a huge leap for humankind.


I just need to put my Brain together and do this!

Rocket man
Rocket man