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When you know difference between perennial and biennial

only then you understand how true friendship works.


Think of tree and you understand life-long relationship.

A man must always reflect his needs from others.

Even when you know what you must do,

it does not work to command yourself.

You must yell out your ideas and listen to the echo.


It’s based on the same phenomenon as the fact that you can not ticle yourself.



Let’s just be friends.

Surrounded by loveIt’s a cliché. When separating from relationship, it hurts you like a knife. The basis for advanced relationship is normally friendship. Still there never really is way to roll it back to. Simply you can think that friendship has always been there and will still be – but you can not necessarily meet casually as earlier. You can not let your admiring stare to move along one’s body hoping to get that first kiss.

You know – there are people who are desperate for finding company and those less-so-desperate who are used to survive. It’s kind of easy to get converted between these groups and it’s faster than you might think.

This separation means that it’s more likely that you find someone who can not stay alone and is currently between relationships. That means that he/she has a long queue of ex- and prospect- companions, who are all “just friends” but everyone has the same agenda.

So when you start dating someone, it’s likely that it’s falls in this category and that you end up in a group of people who think that all others are “just friends” and you are the one. It might be not that simple for your counterpart. It’s a cruel game. When loneliness is not an option, you intentionally keep this bunch of prospects around you by giving false signals. Then when needed, you quickly browse through them and try to find the best for the moment – leaving others disapointted.. until the next round when you give them the next glimpse of hope and the game is on again.