Monthly Archives: May 2014

Arrogance and ingenuity

Big ideas need teams around them to make them reality.

The smartest people are often also quiet, humble, modest and have bad self esteem. In the struggle for survival in the rough world of business their ideas are neglected by the arrogant idiots, who can not see the essence of the brilliance in their thoughts.

Too often are good ideas put down when the inventor needs some support and ask for opinion from someone who just neglectfully answers: “aha, fine, hasn’t that been done already, what is the point in this etc.”

The most successful people in the world have been the rare breed of selfish arrogant geniuses. Those are in their own class. Most of the millionaires are either arrogant and stupid or just plain lucky.

Sometimes the shy smart guys also qualify to the group of latter.

All nerds unite! Say fuck you to the people who do not understand you. Do your thing. Be successful and fund a statue with names of oll of those who did not believe in you!