Monthly Archives: January 2014

I have seen
You in my dreams
In my nightamares
It’s not just dream
It is true
I have met you
I know it’s true
You think like me
but it’s not easy
We had our past
But it’s too long ago

Glass of Amarone

That’s where it starts
That’s where it ends
a galss of amarone
You are my friend
till to the end
a glass of amarone
You can’t hurt me
there’s too much else to see
I take my time
I drink my wine
a glass of amarone
You gave this song
It’s been there all along
You made me feel
My heart is made of steel
I think of you and drink my wine
a glass of amarone
I should be sad
Or maybe mad
I should cry myself to as sleep
The night we met
I was in bed
But ended up with you
We had fun
Enjoyed the sun
We had the time of our lives
The glass is empty now
It’s not the end of show
I’m stronger than forever
That small heart
Was the greatest work of art
Made you know you will survive
I called tonight
Didn’t want to fight
I told I understand you
He was there before me
If you want to be
You need to tell him first

The Tree

Friendship is like a plant.

It all starts from a tiny little seed that mostly is accidentally dropped on ground. If the soil is good, the seed will begin to germinate.

It might be difficult to notice that something special is growing amongst the weeds.

The seeding demands lots of love and care. You need to water it any day and be sure that it gets enough light and fertilizer and that the temperature is correct. You need to root out the weeds around it to let it grow big and strong.

After years of care, the plant becomes a tree. Now it’s standing on it’s own and it can survive the toughest of storms and winters. It will not wither during dry seasons and it can be seen from miles away.

Best friends are like trees. You can stay away for years, but you still know that you can always come back and it still stands there strong and it lasts for lifetime.