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Songwriting contest!

Hello my dear lovers.

As you can see, I have been getting lots of song adaptations about the lyrics posted in this page. The latest one was based on THIS lyric. You can hear it here:

I want to challenge you to make your own version of any of my texts here. The best will receive 100 USD cash plus a special signed copy of my book.

Seek inspiration from examples in here and here.

Contest is open until further notice and there can be multple winners.

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By posting your work you will give full rights to to use the work both in commercial and non-commercial use as such or modified.

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How do ideas sound like? [Forever alone]

I have been writing down my feelings and thoughts in poems and lyrics. Sometimes I even have a melody in my mind about how the song should go. Too bad I’m not at all musical person and I have absolutely no skills of playing anything. So I tried to hum the melody and asked someone to notate that and then I gave the notation to other people to play it.

Forever alone

It has come
The autumn is here
I’m alone
no one else is near
Fine with me
I need all that space
In my head to remember every face

Every year
The story is the same
I’m alone
But no one is to blame
Never met
Those people in mind
Yelling loud
But acting like a blind

From the work
I hurry to get quickly back home
There is no one waiting me
I stare at the distance to see my new best friends
But I know that they can not see me
But I know that they can not see me

I spend my life
Sitting in my cave
Lots of friends
But no one knows my name
We have fun
That no one understands
Just one day
We will rule this crazy land

I like them
But they do not know me
In my mind
They are my family
I should look
For channel to survive
I can’t swim
But i’m too proud to dive

My humming of the melody:

Intepretation from JP:


Intepretation from RB:

RB v2:

RB v3:

Intepretation from JT:

Intepretation from Phydra:

I called you again
just some weeks ago
I acted like you never left
I opened the door in the hotel
And you were there waiting for me
It just felt like it did in beginning
when you asked for me to stay
I just cannot forget that evening
But again you went away

I called you again
just some weeks ago
I acted like you never left
I opened the door in the hotel
And you were there waiting for me
It just felt like it did in beginning
when you asked for me to stay
I just cannot forget that evening
But again you went away
Now I sit
with my wine
in the kitchen
I wait for you
To answer my
latest mail
I know you
Would like to make
children with me
But you don’t
Want to leave
Me again

I have seen
You in my dreams
In my nightamares
It’s not just dream
It is true
I have met you
I know it’s true
You think like me
but it’s not easy
We had our past
But it’s too long ago

Glass of Amarone

That’s where it starts
That’s where it ends
a galss of amarone
You are my friend
till to the end
a glass of amarone
You can’t hurt me
there’s too much else to see
I take my time
I drink my wine
a glass of amarone
You gave this song
It’s been there all along
You made me feel
My heart is made of steel
I think of you and drink my wine
a glass of amarone
I should be sad
Or maybe mad
I should cry myself to as sleep
The night we met
I was in bed
But ended up with you
We had fun
Enjoyed the sun
We had the time of our lives
The glass is empty now
It’s not the end of show
I’m stronger than forever
That small heart
Was the greatest work of art
Made you know you will survive
I called tonight
Didn’t want to fight
I told I understand you
He was there before me
If you want to be
You need to tell him first

The Tree

Friendship is like a plant.

It all starts from a tiny little seed that mostly is accidentally dropped on ground. If the soil is good, the seed will begin to germinate.

It might be difficult to notice that something special is growing amongst the weeds.

The seeding demands lots of love and care. You need to water it any day and be sure that it gets enough light and fertilizer and that the temperature is correct. You need to root out the weeds around it to let it grow big and strong.

After years of care, the plant becomes a tree. Now it’s standing on it’s own and it can survive the toughest of storms and winters. It will not wither during dry seasons and it can be seen from miles away.

Best friends are like trees. You can stay away for years, but you still know that you can always come back and it still stands there strong and it lasts for lifetime.


I’ve loved a lot. Subjects have not been many, but love has never completely disappeared from my life. Sometimes, it just changes form , or is hidden so deep into the depths of the heart that its existence will be forgotten.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life , and I loved them at the time. Now that times and situations and hobbies have changed, have left me longing for those things even if they really are more valuable as memories. I have a lot of dreams. The things that I have not yet done, but I think I would love it when I get there.

I want my partner to be something that is appropriate amound similar and different than I am. Almost opposite personalities but the same spirit in thoughts. Such has an insatiable interest to breath in the spirit of the world and learn to understand it better. Someone who wants to create something fantastic even if at the moment they are too shy or poor or busy to implement it. Someone who lives in the moment, but occasionally reaching for their toes to feel the ground.

I am really pleased to endeavor to where I am now but still look forward to sometimes move to other areas. Maybe with the right woman would I dwell in house by the sea or in the countryside. Perhaps strangely decorated town house. One which from the outside seems different than what the inside would expect.

I want to achieve something. I want to realize my dreams. Even in small scale. I want to produce more dreams and realize them in ways great and small. I would sometimes want to get someone to take advantage of the information I gathered. I would like to do something that makes people feel good.

I want to be remembered being a weird contradictive person whose intentions were unclear at first but the complex thoughts at the end revealed their true beauty. I want to be remembered for creating ideas all of which were rejected but still I saved them and carried out for my own sake so that those who did not understand at the time could later rejoice.

I would be jealous if someone would tell me their life story as I tell my own. To realize the dreams even if they were just droplets in the ocean of normal hard working life. Ofcourse I would not tell them about tedious passages in work and everyday life. I do not know if I’ve done anything to make others jeleaous but I feel that I am more proud of my doings than others.

The whole life is one big adventure. I’ve seen a lot and I could name the places that are yet to be visited and adventures that are still not done but the greatest of these is probably a family. I had to consider this when one of my girlfriends told me she’d never want a family or children . In this regard, I needed to leave my thoughts asidebut yes, I would like to experience it – the “boring” family life. It is the beginning of life -long adventure.

I would like to do something to help mankind. I dream of a project that if successful, would reduce obesity and improve the quality of life for people everywhere. I’m not worried about the fact that time is not yet ready for its implementation. I would like to give people the guidelines to help them. Actually it is sufficient when one asks what they want and then tell it back to them.

My personality also has disadvantages. I become easily frustrated and angry at people who do not understand all my crazy thoughts. Frequently I experience a number of other notches in thought and that the people do not keep up with me and begin to argue but the truth is that sometimes I get stuck in my own thoughts and I refuse to accept the lifeline that others try to throw.

My finest childhood memories are probably associated to a family activity weekends. Trips with my parents and my grandparents. Picnic in a natural setting. I have started to hike again . I did not know why but perhaps because it takes me back to those memories. Maybe someday I can get my own family to take such a trip.

The importance of friends and family is something that can easily be forgotten. It is hard to tell important people how important they really are. It seems that it would be dubious to say something since they already know it. Certainly they know, but maybe it still should be told out loud. I often say that the phrase ” Why don’t you ever tell me that you love me” is redundant because if there is love – they should know it without saying. Maybe I’ve been wrong. People doubt their own feelings. Maybe they should from time to time to remind you that they are right.

Strange how useless things I’m afraid of. I’m afraid for not being understood – even if on the other hand I am proud to say that I think differently than the others. I am afraid for getting no as an answer. I am talkative and social type , but sometimes the worst thing in the world seems to be smiling and to introducemyself to new people and ask “What is your name ?”

“It was a day of change  for everyone
It was a day of big surprise
When they told us that the world will change
That the change would open our eyes
I thought I’m not so interested
I thought that all so wrong
After the smoke had cleared away
And the bitter taste was strong
To cover that sweet bitterness
I don’t know where or why
Found you and looked for happines
But you just made me cry
Your name was like a young wine
You had been there all the time
I needed you to fix my mistake
I didn’t know what it would take
You were there at the roman times
Saw emperors claim their throne
You brought the tears in their eyes
Made them to stay home
You ended up in land of France
They made you form of art
Learned to free your burning heart
Thought that it would be smart
Your name was like a sweet wine
You had been there all the time
I needed you to fix my mistake
I didn’t know what it would take
After all the pain I had with you
I still didn’t get enough
I’ll be always coming back to you
When the times are really tough”