What is stupid?

I have been complaining a lot about stupid people. What does it actually mean? What make person stupid? Is that when they don’t act as I would had liked or as I predicted? Is it just for not having enough knowledge? Or maybe stupidity is to have the knowledge but not being able to benefit from it.

Generally people are quite smart. Brain has amazing ability to connect the dots. You can understand the meaning of something by just small hints and intuition. It makes me so frustrated to see that most people do not use this ability. Mostly people do not trust neither their senses or reason. They just want to believe something that other people tell them rather than building their own opinion. That is so sad. I can understand it with things like science, because you can actually test the theories yourself and agree with them.

Religion is different matter. Faith. It is something that everybody needs. We have a big reserve of mental and physical power, but we can not get benefit of it if we don’t believe in ourselves. When you keep believing, things eventually will sort out well. God as a concept developed so that people can believe in something – when they do not believe to themselves anymore. Religion was a thing that developed around the god – it was impossible to believe that he is helping for free. A sacrifice must be given.

When some people discovered the power of religion, they started to use it to control people. With use of religion there is no need to explain why something is not allowed. It is just god’s will. In beginning there was good intentions behind this. The ten commandments can be put short in “Don’t be a dumbass”. Later on the power of religion was harnessed to control people in not so good intentions. You could put people killing each other and giving all the money to you by claiming that it is god’s will.

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