They didn’t choose me

I woke up with terrible headache. I need to get used to this. The oxygen supply will be much lower while I’m sleeping and that is causing this. Now when still at ground the difference is not nearly as big as it will be when I’m up there. It’s still dark outside. Also that is something that I will get used to.

Do you know what Mars 500-experiment is? It’s one of those, where group of people are put in sealed space for a period of time to simulate living in mars. This one is happening in Russia and the test group is getting released next month after spending 520 days in contained space with only the equipment and food available, that they took in when the experiment started. The difference to me is that they were there about 15 times shorter that I’m planning, and that they had 3.9 x 24 m storage module for food. That’s about same size as my whole vessel.

For this test there were more than 6000 applicants from 40 different countries. The selected were mostly Russian. Scientists, cosmonauts, engineers etc. I’m an engineer but I still think I wouldn’t have stood a chance. So how do I think I can get to a space mission with no money and no reason to be picked? There is a company selling space trips and the trip to moon alone costs about 100 million dollars. Cost of mars missions is calculated in billions. As I told earlier, I have a plan.

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