Shiny happy people

Shiny happy people. Have I said this earlier? The song just came out on radio and I don’t find the point in the lyrics. It’s a cool song, but idiotic lyrics. I hate those fucking shiny happy people who polish their surface but are rotten inside. It’s better to be evenly crappy throughout. No surprises. This country is full of smiling idiots who just make sure that their Gant shirts are well ironed and their haircut is just perfect. They smile at you and stab on your back as soon as you turn it at them.

Actually I never really listened the lyrics. Maybe the song is ironic. Maybe also he hates the shiny happy people. A bit same goes with the Springsteen song “Born in the USA”. It’s a very anti-war and anti-USA song, but still all the patriots keep happily singing the chorus with their flags flying. Ingenious to make your enemies to sing song that is against themselves. And they just do not get it. I think it was Bush who told that every american should learn from Bruce. The real American spirit. Hell yeah!

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