Send Me A Postcard

Oh shit this is a cool song. Like a Dutch version of Jefferson Airplane. Postcards and airplanes made me thinking.. what if you are flying your your TBF Avenger at the Caribbean and all of a sudden you are unlucky to line up with the celestial bodies in a manner that creates a small singularity in your location and throws you 1000 years back in time. How would you send a message to your own time?

I believe that there is extraterristrial life out there. Anyhow the distances and timeframes are so huge that it’s not very likely possible to meet anyone. I donät believe in the “ancient aliens theory” but I think it is possible that people intentionally or unintentionally have ended up in past time and they have instructed the people (who are mistaken to think they are gods) to buid massive monuments that will survive the time and tell to their relatives what happened to them.

Or maybe the ancient people made them to attract future time travellers. As a kind of huge billboards saying “We are here. Please come to visit us”.

I have been planning to send messages to future. How can I make sure they will survive the time. It should be something really colossal. Think about all the ancient cities etc. They were huge but nothing is left today. I might need to write my ideas to stone rather than Internet to be sure that future generations will be able to read them.

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