Planning for future

As I told earlier – there is some things to plan before my “journey”.

  • Food supply
  • Electricity, water and rent (bills)
  • Internet
  • Computer

I’m currently working on all of them, but I need to solve one thing at time. I need to calculate the amount of food needed and the space and weight that it wil ltake. I anyhow want to experiment how this could be done in outer space.

My “space ship” will be an small area separated in my apartment. In principle the toilet and a small sace for sleeping. Ofcourse on long space mission real astronauts probably would have a little bit space for excercise etc. Maybe I need to by a treadmill or something.

I will use tap water and normal electricity but I want to measure the consumption and keep it into minimum.

That’s all for now.. I go planning..

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