Mars, the Bringer of War

The red planet. Mount Olympos stands erect. Thousands of troops gathering. Ready for battle. Like Leonidas agains Kserkses. Yelling their warcry. Sunlight reveals the red surface of the planet. Invisible stream of lava and water flowing across it. Hot steam rising up for the great armies to breathe.

A great battle. A young warrior riding his horse. Faster Faster!

He grabs a flag from the ground and rides all the way to the top of the mountain and sticks the flagpole to the ground. Earth shakes. Troops on both sides just flying around.

Suddenly it’s very silent.

Empty cold ground. Wind blowing the red dust around. Forming a small storm. Like army trying to raise up from a pool of blood. They walk forward reaviling their naked bodies. Weapons high in the air they walk forward. They speed up and start running.

Suddenly it’s very silent.

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