Little things make big difference

It’s sad to see how people live their lives. It would not bother me if this attitude would not reflect also to their work, politics etc. I keep meeting people who do not dare to enjoy life. They say that they envy people who are living the nice life and drinking champagne etc. Or actually they don’t say it out loud. They envy these people and then they try to convince themselves to believe that it does not make any difference. These people put lots of effort trying to explain how expensive wine does not taste better than cheap etc.

Sometimes it’s true. Also cheap stuff can be good but quite often the quality costs money and more expensive can really be better. Another question is why people never treat themselves with luxury. My friend told that he drinks champagne once a year (at new year) and even then it’s actually cava. Normal champagne costs $30-$40 per bottle. Almost everyone could afford it once month if they like – but they won’t dare. They just dream about luxyry life as something that comes in one big lump and they can never reach it without winning in lottery. Actually there is lots of things that can add luxury to your life and do not cost a dime.

You are living your life now so enjoy it. I was on a work trip in dubai and I was enjoying a nice cold drink at sunset by the sea. I wanted a bypasser to take a photo of me. He smiled and said “living the life yeah!”. I answered “njah just on work trip”. After that I realised that despite the work I really was there – enjoying the Arabian sunset with my nice drink. It was a dream come true and I almost did not even notice.

When people then finally buy their cheap wine they drink it from normal milk glasses. Why? Everyone has set of wine glasses covered in dust somewhere in their cabinets but they never use those. They also might have nice collection of china and silver but they are just sitting in the closet. Live the life and enjoy about your stuff!

Small details can make a big difference. Today I ate some of my tikka masala (by the way did you know it’s not really Indian food – and it’s the most popular restaurant dish in UK) that I had cooked over the weekend. I just put the stuff on plate and microwaved it. It did not look really pretty. Then I spent one minute in adding some green stuff and papadum and in instant it become much more than just a plate full of some stuff.

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