Life is a circus act

Strange. When  I got home today a strange circus music was palying. I don’t know how it was picked on the palylist but it was a good remainder of the life. Actually it quite well relates to the things that happened today.

I met a goo friend that I had not seen for a while. It’s so special when the discussions are just flowing from one subject to another so well that you almost miss your train.

Ok he only missed the first train but not the another one. I took a bus home. For some strange reason the announcements at bus were off sync and so were my thoughts. I left the bus couple of stops too early and started to walk towards my home.

Strange stuff was happening in my head. When I looked through the windows I saw shadows glooming. They were not looking at me. They were watching something else. Like there was a fire in every apartment and these people were standing around and did not want to put it out. I kept walking.

Through a window I saw a room full of posters. There was Sex Pistols, The Calsh and other old punk stuff, In the living room window I saw another shadow staring at nowhere. All of a sudden I saw a pale red haired face in the other window. She stared at me and smiled. We spoke a lot with my friend tonight. About life, peopl, love, loalty, everything. This smiling face  must be a reflection of these thoughts. She can not be real.

I have lost two hours. I just came home. The strange circus music is still playing. I can remember a dream. I can remember how I stood with the red haired girl in the sunset. I can remember how we made love and how we still felt the love when we were old. I remember how I lost her and found her again.

It can not be true. I lost wo hours of my life but got whole twenty years of love.

I need another beer.

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