It must be irony

I heard that REM song again today. This time I was really trying to pay attention to the lyrics: “Shiny happy people laughing, shiny happy people holding hands” It’s the same shit through the whole song. Crazy. It must be irony. There is no other option. It’s a mad world.

..that by the way is an excellent song. Not the Tears for Fears -version, but the one from Donnie Darko movie, Performed by Gary Jules. I just love the melancholy in that song. The world just is so sick and that version just nails it. Also the video is cool. The one where kids are forming all kind of images on the sidewalk. It’s very very mad world.

Little bit similar feeling I get from other cover song: Johnny Cash’s Hurt. It’s much better than the original. Especially with the video it’s the testament of a dying man who has done lots of things during his life, but still some things went right. It’s mad world indeed.

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