History will absolve me

Again I’m repeating myself. I will be something! Most of people just don’t dare. Who dares wins! I will win! I love to be right. You idiots! You will see that I was right! It happens all the time that there is an argument and afterwards no one remembers that they opposed me. I will win and I will humiliate anyone who was against me. I will leave proof of my ideas around the world so that future historiand will see that I knew it but no one believed.

This has been seen so many times in the history. “And yet it moves”. I’m writing this to paper and to the Internet so many times that no one can claim to have discovered that. It was me who found the missing piece to the puzzle with quantum mechanics and newtonian science. It was me who found cure to the ever groving obesity and it was me who composed the best song in the world.

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