A matter of opinion

Opinions? Who is allowed to have one? On which things it is possible to have an opinion?
Do not say everyone and everything. It’s not a matter of opinion.

There are things where you really can be wrong. It’s a lie that everyone can tell their opinion. I know that science is not perfect and things needs to be questioned, but still.
There are people who want to join the conversation but they do not uncderstand a shit about the subject. They are still happy to share their opinion. It’s just bullshit.
I often end up in disputes where no one really understands what we are arguing about. People claim that I get agitated when someone does not agree with my opinion. Fuck I hate that word! There is nothing wrong in disagreement. The problem is the people who seek some kind of eternal consensus and they do not like to argue. They think that the whole dispute is about disagreement, when it really is about them not understanding what the whole thing is about. Stupid people should not be allowed to speak (other than what is needed to do their work and buy their food),
I was having some different colors on a sheet of paper: yellowm blue, red, green – and I made a mistake to ask what people thought about the shades – if they were too vivid etc. One guy said “I’m a bit color blind, but my opinion that is not yellow, it is brown”. What the fuck? Did I ask his OPINION on that?? No!

I asked 10 other guys what color they think it is and they all said it’s yellow. There must be a ton of standard that can prove that it’s yellow for sure, WHY THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE WANT TO EXPPRESS HIS OPINION THAT IT’S BROWN???

I hate earth. I want to get out of here.

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