I saw it in my dreams
She was wearing those tight jeans.
And she told me that she’s about to get a baby.

I know it cannot be true.
She could not be that much cruel.
When we met last time she promised to first to ask me.

Life is life it’s not just dreams.
Can not know of how she feels
I should go to see her, but I’m too weak to do so.

Why it cannot be like then
Years ago you just know when
I drank too much whiskey and
Then sent message: I love you

It was stupid thing to do
It was not just only you
A dozen girls got this same
message every friday.
And if life is life is true
In the end it’s me and you
We all got the power
but are too afraid to use it
And when I look at you
Through my sad and lonely view
I can see the smile
That once made me happy

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