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Who could understand my message

An organisation called Creative Time is planning to send a message to the future. They have made a cryptic golden disc engraved with meaningless dots and lines. That’s nothing new. Already in Pioneer spacecraft we had a plague with erotic pictures and in Voyager we had a state of the art golden LP that contaid speech of Jimmy Carter and music from Chuck Berry etc.

The new thing in this project is that the have selected “the most important photographs” to be added. If we assume that the alien lifeform that finds it would have eysight as we have, there is a possibitiy to success but I doupt it. Even with photographs it’s extremely difficult to explain anything to someone who does not shere the same cultural background.

Look at the pictures below. These should explain lots of things. For example:

  • How to play an LP-record
  • Hyperfine transition of neutral hydrogen (as a scale)
  • Anatomy of man and woman
  • Relative position of the Sun to the center of the Galaxy and 14 pulsars
  • Solar System
  • Silhouette of the spacecraft (as a scale)
  • Trajectory of the spacecraft
  • Things important to human

Think about it. These messages are not crypted – instead they are designed to be understood. They are supposed to be in the easiest possible form. Yet they are not easy even for human t understand. Some of the best scientists have failed to fully understand the messages althought they knew more or less what they are looking for. I think it’s hopeless that anyone outside of earth could understand this.

The Pioneer plague
Instructions to play the Voyager disc
Creative Time Disc
Creative Time Disc

See the picture below.. is it any more difficult to understand than the ones above?