I’m a dreamer

Something is happening. I’m sleeping restlessy and seeing much more dreams than earlier. Feels like my brain is working much more than earlier. Trying to solve some mystery locked deep in my subconsciousness. Last night I saw a dream about living in a tall building. There was a special small window in my combined kitchen and workspace. This windows had not been properly closed and there had been water coming in and it had caused my desk to decay. It looked fine but when I touched it ripped like a paper.

Music in coloursI have also been hearing this strange music. I’m not musical in any way but this music is haunting me. I tried to sing the melody and sent it to my musician-friend. Let’s see if he can record it. I also saw the melody as different forms and colours in my dream. I woke up in the middle of the night and could get no sleep. I took my iPad and started draving these strange forms down. Yet still I don’t understand what they mean.

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  1. Thank you for the comment. They do not know it yet but this blog will be a cult classic. I cannot stop imagining myself flying somewhere near planet Mars sending blog updates here and all of a sudden everyone will know my writings and wonder why did not they read this while I was still here on earth available for an interview.

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