Monthly Archives: April 2013


The Milky way. Beautiful thick layer of stars. Billions of them. Like milkdrop on bare breast. Where space will lick it off and act like it’s tongue touched the nipple just accidentally.

Sagittarius A. The erect nipple of our galaxy. The deep throat of Linda Lovelace. So dark, but beautiful. Femme fatale.

What did I see?

I could see the earth behind me. The most beautiful blue marble in the black space. Space was like a bag cloth behind it with tiny pinholes where some light was getting through.

I could hear the newborn babies crying, people lying.  could see the people starting wars and the other making peace. Funny. When you are at grouond level you donät notice it. High up you can see how sick the mankind is. When I move away from earth I can less and less see the evil. It’s just beautiful blue sphere. Home.

How did I get here?

How did I get here. How did it feel? How didi I experience the G-forces pressing me into my seat. I don’t know. I fell asleep while the safety demo.  When I woke up, my seatbelt was open and I was floating in space. I could smell the ice cream. Huge piece of dry sweet ice Cream floating towards me. I was not in heaven. I was in space.