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It’s easy to end up in endless argument when the subject is not well defined.


The problem is that then you start arguing about the definition of the subject and your opponent thinks that you still argue against him in what ever he thought was the subject.


When one claims that ball is round and other says that the question is not about the ball, it can only end up in fight.

Think life as sailing the endless sea.

Best strategy is to keep yor heading no matter what.

Eventually you will find land.


I’m kind of ruining this now.. but you know.. when you don’t know which way to go, you tend to keep changing your mind and end up going in circles.


Never give up your goals – especially when they are not yet visible.

When you know difference between perennial and biennial

only then you understand how true friendship works.


Think of tree and you understand life-long relationship.

A man must always reflect his needs from others.

Even when you know what you must do,

it does not work to command yourself.

You must yell out your ideas and listen to the echo.


It’s based on the same phenomenon as the fact that you can not ticle yourself.